Manno, Canton Ticino ( CH )


March / December 2020




Tarchini Group - Manno


Piona Engineering, Manno
Tea Engineering, Melano

The project involves the construction of the new headquarters of the Tarchini Group within an office building.
Transparency, fluidity, light, and green are the key words of the project.

The offices are spread over two levels connected by a large central opening above the entrance hall, illuminated by an artificial skylight and decorated with a double-height wall entirely covered in greenery.

A fluid and continuous glass wall connects all the offices, which are arranged along the distribution space without creating barriers or physical divisions, thus creating an image of

opening and shared space and work. In this way, natural light comes from the offices to the central corridor, where there are also Barrisol bright islands above the green areas.

All the materials used are natural, from the woodfloors and wall-coverings to the burnished iron and glass of the movable walls.
Light lines, carved into the false ceiling, illuminate and connect the distribution space and meeting rooms. Great attention has been given to the design of the collective spaces, with numerous meeting rooms, gathering spaces, and common areas.

Sqm of Building Surface


Days of Design

Day of Construction