Our mission is to create meaningful spaces that enhance people's lives

We are Giorgio Veronelli Architecture an award-winning architecture office based in Como Lake. Our story begins in 2010. We shape our projects through the collective intelligence of our dedicated team, plus our in-depth research into the historical and future context. We love to be close to our clients, thinking along with them so that we can embrace their social, economic and sustainability goals.

Architectural Design

We create functional and aesthetically sustainable buildings. We develop designs aligned with client’s needs from residential to commercial buildings.


Interior Design

We work in collaboration with our clients to create unique and tailor-made interior spaces that reflect their lifestyle, personality, and budget.


Urban Design

We consider factors such as transportation, land use, aesthetics, social interaction, economical and environmental impact. We create cohesive and livable urban areas.


Project Management

We overseeing the construction process, from conception to final completion, and ensuring the successful delivery of projects of different scales and complexities.

We have the skills, experience, and passion necessary to deliver
high-quality results

Technical expertise

We have a solid education and knowledge of best practices in the field of architecture. We have a deep understanding of design principles, materials, and construction techniques.

Creativity and innovation

We think creatively and propose innovative solutions to design challenges. We have an open mind and a willingness to explore new ideas and approaches.


We have a strong work experience in the architecture industry, with successfully completed projects and satisfied clients. We have the ability to handle projects of varying sizes and complexities.

Communication skills

We are an effective communicator and can understand the needs and expectations of clients. We can convey your ideas clearly and persuasively, and clients are likely to appreciate our ability to listen carefully and respond appropriately.

Customer orientation

We always prioritize the needs and preferences of the client. We can collaborate with them to translate their desires into practical and functional solutions.

Project management

We can manage projects effectively, adhering to budgets and deadlines. We have good organization and planning skills, and clients can rely on your reliability and professionalism.

Building sustainable and eco-friendly structures for a better future

Well-established and experienced in many fields

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